Sunday, September 30, 2018

InStep Trail Races - 7Miler

InStep Trail Races, 7 miler - September 15, 2018
time = 1:10:27
pace = 10:03
placed 1 in my age group (45-49) out of 6
placed 6 in women out of 42
placed 19 overall out of 72
link to strava data

as always this is my favorite race of the season and i was going to run it whether i ran or walked the whole thing.  i was unable to run highcliff for the 2nd year in a row.  so disappointing.  so i just decided i was going to sit back and do other things.  i rode my bike.  i rollerskated... and i ran a little bit.

going into this race i hadn't run the 8 days prior.  before that i had only run a handful of miles each week because it seemed like something was always hurting.  it's been my right butt since i injured my back in 2016 and i think that has trickled into other things as i overcompensated for the back thing.  going into the race i was coming off a right knee injury that prevented me from running for a whole month and then i rolled my left ankle at lapham a couple weeks before and that is what kept me from running the week before the race.

going into the race i had very low expectations.  i decided to take a little mile warm up to see where my body was at.  NOTHING HURT! i felt good and decided that i would race the race instead of just running it.  i pushed on hills i would normally have walked and i bombed the downhills with abandon.

i was slower than last year, but not by much and for not having run consistently in over 2 years i'm pretty happy with my results.  my butt still hurts almost all the time.  i'm just waiting for my back to heal and then (supposedly) my butt will stop hurting as the nerve will no longer be compressed.  i guess we'll see.

please come run this race next year.  it is really the perfect easy trail and so much fun each and every time.  i love lapham peak so much.