Wednesday, February 20, 2019

long time no see

hey guys,

it's been a long time.  i've been on and off injured and not really feeling much myself.  i'm happy to report that i've been building my running again and getting in some winter miles.  i'm upping the load by 20% a week and i'm doing quite well with this.  long run on saturdays, sort of long-ish run on sundays, and 2 shorties during the week.  this is working out well... the 4 day a week system.

i've been doing my long run on icy ass trails mostly at lapham but then i went out to the monches/loew lake segments of the IAT last saturday and had a blast.  i've got no speed to speak of but i'm logging my miles with a smile on my face so that's most important.

i don't have any races scheduled but i've got my eye on a few shorter ones.  i think i'm going to be doing 5 and 10Ks only this year... we'll see tho' because distance is my love.  maybe i have to sacrifice speed for distance?

i'm winging it at this point and running by feel.

what have you been up to this winter?  are you getting outside?  if you're in wisconsin... how are you running in this messy snowy slop we've got going on this month?  i'm still doing it... screws in my shoes keep me moving and upright.