Saturday, March 7, 2020

marching right along...

see what i did there?  march-ing... har har har.

so where did i leave off... well, the sprained right ankle healed up nicely and with it so did the left shin splint.

i ran some wonderful mileage in january with 105 miles under my belt.  then... wisconsin winter decided to happen and it snowed and snowed on the weekends of my long runs and well... it proved to be a problem after a few very challenging 2+ hours of trudging through 5-6" deep snowsand one weekend and 5-6" of heavy wet snow the next weekend and then ice skating as opposed to running through 18 miles of icy trails the next weekend.  needless to say i was bound to get injured and sure enough... i did.

i tore my left hamstring.

can't a woman catch a break?!?  apparently, not this woman.

so as of today i am seeing the physical therapist 2xs weekly as my schedule allows for the next 6 weeks and not allowed to run for the next 4 weeks so what did i do besides have a mental/emotional breakdown?  i bought a rowing machine.  alas... i am not allowed to use that yet either.  i see my PT on tuesday and might get cleared then to start rowing.  i need to do something... i'm a mess.

running balances my mental health as much as my physical health and quite frankly i've not been ok for awhile.  i haven't been able to run consistent miles for a few weeks already and now that i am unable to do absolutely anything at the moment... well, lets just say it's not a good thing.  i'm crying at the drop of a hat... everything is "wrong" and making me weepy... basically, the sky is caving in on me and i cannot breathe.

logically i know i'm fine and i will be ok but man... the panic in my brain is certainly telling me something different.

in the meantime, i am still planning on running the 50 miler in may... come hell or high water and if i walk the whole way... i'm still planning on doing it.  there's a 12 hour cut off so we will certainly see... 

that's the update.  that's all i've got.  just treading water and trying to stay afloat over here.