Saturday, October 12, 2019

shin splint for the win.

turns out my problem is a pesky shin splint.  only in the right shin and even with 2 weeks off of running still isn't resolved.  guess i'm sitting all of october out so that i can try and get this under control before the real goal getting begins.

i have a couple of very lofty goals for 2020 and i need to come into the year fresh as a newborn (but with less rubber in my bones).  it's hard to become a runner when one was never a runner.  i sort of feel like if i could have had a couple of decades under my belt by now with running i'd be less prone to injuring myself because i'd understand the mechanics and such.

i don't know how to not hurt myself.  i am thinking about switching shoes altogether to some hoka's for the cushion, but i'm also afraid to do so because what if that doesn't remedy the problem?  i can't really afford to hire a coach so i do this on my own by trial and error... and now that i'm old, well... i think i error more than i don't.

i've gotten smarter at not running through pain and injury but that also means inconsistent training across the board.  i've thought about running slower to see if i can mitigate injury but i have trouble running slower than my natural pace.  i also really love to run distance and i have not been able to do that consistently in a long time.

this shin splint is just another nagging injury in a series of injuries i've had for the past several years.  2019 was better in that i was able to run most of the year injury-free but that was only because of the inconsistency of my training and not really doing any distance running.

so november 1st i'm going to begin again and start small... 3-4 miles at a time and probably not consecutively and see how that feels.  once i can do that a few times a week i will probably pick up some more distance on the weekends.  i have to really start training in earnest in january 2020 so i need to go into that healthy.

if anyone has any suggestions please let me hear them.