Wednesday, August 24, 2016

hello stranger

it's been a long time.  i know i know... i know what you're thinking.  where the hell have i been?  did i fall in a sink hole? well... the answer is nope.

no sink hole.  i've just been super bummed since i couldn't run.  so i've been spending a lot of time doing other things such as letting various physical therapists poke and prod me, watch me run, point out my flaws, give me stupid exercises that didn't work, and then peppering that with pathetic attempts at running.  in between all of that i also did a lot of pouting and i started rock climbing again.  that was a lot of fun.  the climbing not the pouting.

so i started climbing 2-3 times a week until i got mind-numbingly bored and burnt out on the whole thing.  i did, however, get certified to lead climb so that was pretty terrifying and cool all at the same time.  i got to climb outside for the first time at devil's lake (which incidentally coincided with a 1/2 marathon i was supposed to be running but had to drop out of) so that was great fun and also bittersweet because i really would have much preferred to be running the race instead.

i pinched a nerve in my back and stopped climbing altogether at that point and picked up crossfit instead.  it was at about the same time that my primary care physician told me that i had to stop running completely in order to let my leg heal.  HA!  as if...

so i've been doing crossfit (well baby crossfit actually) for just over a month now, and last week i ran 20 miles.  TWENTY FREAKING MILES!  woo hoo!!

i think it's safe to say that i'm back!  i'm running well and pain free.  i've been strictly running trails.  i've been shown these lovely trails along the river by my house and on the east side by the climbing gym.  they are so much fun!  trails are my JAM!  it's amazing how much easier 7 miles on a trail is compared to 3 miles on a road.  so much more fun too.

so i'm hitting up badger crossfit 2-3xs a week to keep my body strong because it seems like it's the only thing getting me running.  running is necessary to my wellbeing.  physical and mental.  i need it to be well.  i like climbing, i like crossfit, i like other things... i LOVE running.  i am so fortunate that i can run again.

so that's what's been going on with me... what's going on with you?