Sunday, August 13, 2017

bullshit body

this has been one bullshit thing after another.  my body is boycotting my love of running.  i ran zero miles in july hoping that whatever injury this is that is plaguing me will just go the fuck away.  i ran a test run last saturday at lapham and it went moderately well.  i say moderately well not because it was slow but because within the first mile i could feel the spot in my butt that has been causing me grief... it didn't hurt... i could just feel that it was there.  then my whole left leg decided to cramp up and go numb.  i had to sit down at around 2 miles in so that i could let the cramping subside.  once i did that tho'... everything was fine.  no pain other than what is expected for running 6.5 miles of pretty technical trail after zero running for a month.

i ran 3 road miles yesterday.  there is something wrong with my left hip flexor and it was causing pain down the front inside of my leg.  not sure what the hell that's all about.  otherwise, no pain other than to my ego for being so damn slow and the run being so damn hard.

today i ran another 2.  it was really difficult.  the pain in my hip flexor that was extending down the front inside of my left leg was pretty sharp for the first 1/2 mile.  it was the worst running downhill.  after a little bit tho' it was not so bad and really easy to run through.

i'm considering going to a new pt.  i have the lapham peak trail races next month and i dropped from the 1/2 to the 7 miler.  since this is simply one black loop at lapham i know i can complete it and i'm pretty sure i can kill it in a race setting.  i'm certainly going to try.

after that i'm supposed to run chicago but i'm pretty sure i'm not going to even start.  i'm grossly undertrained for a marathon and while my ego wants me to try... on the flip side i am so afraid of another DNF that i don't even want to bother going.  *sigh*

i guess we will see...