Sunday, January 17, 2016

stop! movie time...

yup... it's that time again.  fun fact.  this is the exact same day as last year when i did the 2014 movie post.  weird.   if you don't want to see all of them, but just want the ones i love love loved... scroll to the end to see the top 6 i recommend you see.  otherwise go ahead and read through them all... it's not that long.  you've got time...

i started 2015 off pretty seriously so let's get started:

selma - 1/9
this is an excellent film!  i cannot say enough good things about it.  it was moving, educational, and really drives home what we as a people should already know... we need to do more.  i am ashamed that we still treat people of color as less.  it was a humbling experience to watch this film.  also... this is really worth a listen:

unbroken - 1/12
sticking with the theme of the heartbreaking true story where the protagonist wins... i saw this film next.  also an excellent film and i urge you to see it.  it is tough to swallow tho'.  lots of pain in this film.  it's about a world war II soldier (louis zamperini) who becomes a prisoner of war.  the things he goes through evoke a range of emotions from the viewer.  it is amazing what man will do to each other.  definitely worth the watch.

cake - 1/25
totally weird movie starring jennifer aniston.  the character she plays has chronic pain and the movie is about her issues and tribulations dealing with said pain.  i liked it.  i think jennifer aniston gained a bunch of weight to play this role.  her character isn't a pleasant person.  the movie illustrates how pain changes a person.

wedding ringer - 1/27
what can i say?  we went to a lot of $5 movie nights!  kevin hart... nuff said.  he's funny.  this movie was/is funny.  see it.

project almanac - 1/31
who doesn't want special powers?  teen flick.  it was ok.  fun to imagine getting to fly and move things with your mind.  worth the rental or cable watch if you're bored.

mortdecai - 2/3
johnny depp, gwenneth paltrow, and ewan mcgregor play off each other very well.  they are very funny.  the story is good and the comedy is good.  worth the watch.

kingsmen: the secret service - 2/13
honestly when i was watching this i thought the main character was a little kid.  throughout the whole movie i thought this... until the end when a certain scene comes up that mentions anal sex.  then i was totally shocked in a very mom-ish sort of way. the most notably funny character in this film is samuel l. jackson's character.  MY favorite character is his assistant.  she's so badass and awesome!  i won't give her away... i will say that this movie is far more violent than i was expecting.  like i said... i sort of went into this movie thinking it was more of a kid type movie (despite the R rating).  i have no idea what i was thinking.

mcfarland usa - 2/20
OMG! i love love loved this movie!  it moved me to tears more than once.  it was great.  absolutely great.  i loved that at the end they show all the real people that the movie is about, what they're doing now, and how running changed their lives for the better.  such a feel good movie and i am surprised it's a disney film.  although, i'm not exactly sure why i'm surprised it's disney... but i am.  go see it.

focus - 3/17
generally i don't think will smith is sexy but he is very sexy in this movie.  i do like a movie with some twists and turns.  this one has them.  drama and suspense... makes stealing look good.  worth the watch.

insurgent  -3/20
the first one was better.  maybe i'm old.  the story is ok.  if you're bored watch it.  it's not bad... i just didn't love it.

get hard - 3/28
pretty funny.


furious 7 - 4/6
oh my god... this movie was SO EXCITING! the whole thing... i was excited through the entire damn movie!  there was not a time where i was watching it that i wasn't on the edge of my seat with excitement.  it was a thrill ride a minute.  i know i sound like i'm joking, but i'm totally not!  this movie was amazing, and exciting, and just all around fun.  see this movie.  you will not be disappointed. this bus scene is what cinched it for me...

home - 4/10
high hand touching and having a strong FEMALE person of color as the lead character.  these are two things that made this film great for me.  it was cute and had a message.  i liked it and i assume you will too.

avengers 2 - 5/4
typical.  i can't remember what it was about other than it was an avengers movie.

paul blart 2 - 4/17
goofy dude in vegas makes good and saves the day.

mad max: fury road - 5/15
i love tom hardy and charlize theron.  i liked the strong female leads in this film.  i liked the devil may care feel of the movie and the cinematography was great.  the story is a scary one and i like that too.  it speaks to the sheep that plague our country, but maybe that's just my take away.  the weird dude strapped to the front of the truck playing the flaming guitar was really strange in the most awesome way.

pitch perfect 2 - 5/18
achaexcuse me?  not as funny as the first one, but still good stuff.

tomorrowland - 6/1
weird concept and i still don't fully get it, but whatever.  it was ok.  not the best but not the worst.  it was entertaining... i'd watch it again if it came on cable.

spy - 6/8
not gonna lie... i had to look this one up to see what it was.  i forgot.  once i looked it up tho' i remembered that this was pretty freaking hilarious.  melissa mccarthy is one funny lady.  although, i'm going to venture to guess that since i couldn't remember the movie based on the name that it didn't leave that much of an impression on me.  still i remember it being good and i did laugh throughout the film.

inside out ~ 6/20
this was a cute movie but left me feeling a bit depressed at times.  it's sorta sad.  maybe that's just my take on it.  i did really like bing bong the imaginary friend.

max - 6/26
excellent movie.  boy and his dog. if you like dogs then this is a good movie for you.  it's got some sadness, some jokes, and some mystery.  good story and a great dog.  i recommend it.

magic mike  xxl - 7/2
hilarious.  it was so good!  the dancing was awesome, the bodies were sexy, and the jokes were fantastic.  the first one was awful.  seriously awful.  this one it seems like they figured out that they had to go the comedic route to make it work and work it does!  the whole film is sexy in a tongue in cheek sort of way.  so many jokes!  it is literally funny from opening scene to closing scene.  i loved it.

terminator genisys - 7/7
same 'ol same 'ol... the best part about this movie is that arnold is in it.

minions - 7/14
i love the minions.  they are funny.  this movie is funny.  you will leave feeling good.

trainwreck - 7/21
not as good as i thought it would be.  i like amy schumer.  i think she's funny.  i expected this to be a lot funnier than it was.  it got pretty serious and i didn't like that at all.  the fact that they took it to a serious place knocked it down a few notches for me.  i would have liked it a lot better if they would have kept the whole film light hearted, dumb, and funny.

vacation - 8/4
lots of funny parts. worth seeing.  there are some pretty gross jokes tho' which i guess are easy laughs.

straight outta compton - 8/18
so so good!  really fantastic!  i thought this was great from start to finish.  lots of information that i knew as well as a lot that i didn't.  totally worth seeing.  i didn't know anything about the cast before seeing this movie so i was pleasantly surprised to find out that the actor who plays ice cube is his real life son.  he's got the mannerisms on point!  i'm really glad that the movie illustrates the racism that was going on at the time that NWA was coming up.  i think it's important that they included it in the film.  i think that white america really turns a blind eye to it because it's not our reality.

the equalizer - 9/29
denzel... oh denzel.  who else can kill a whole room of russian mobsters without breaking a sweat?

the martian - 10/2
if a movie can be carried primarily by a single character and hold one's attention you know it's good.

burnt - 10/31
bradley cooper + food = greatness.

daddy's home - 12/25
not as funny as i thought it would be.  still... marky mark and will farrell make a pretty sweet team.  good way to send out 2015.

all in all there aren't too many movies that i don't enjoy.  i go see them for entertainment and as long as they hold my attention i feel they did their job.  i've only loved a few this year and the rest were meh... so to recap and whittle it down... the ones you should definitely see are as follows:

1. selma
2. unbroken
3. mcfarland usa
4. magic mike xxl
5. straight outta compton
6. burnt

that's my top 6.