Monday, May 28, 2018

the pain in the butt saga continues...

last thursday i saw an orthopedic sports medicine doc.  i was referred to this guy by my pcp for the pain in my literal ass.  my pcp didn't think anything was torn but thought the pain might be due to the bursa sac or scarring around my hamstring... so i went and saw this new guy.

they did x-rays because that's what you have to do before insurance will pay for an mri.  x-rays were fine.  my bones are apparently beautiful and my spine has the perfect amount of spacing where all the spaces are supposed to be.  that's good news because we were worried about my spine since it has hurt since october of 2015 due to the whole kettlebell swing accident.  anyhoo... back is fine.  all bones are fine... next thing to do is look at the soft tissues. 

soooooo... they're communicating with my insurance to see if it's covered and then i will get scheduled for the mri.  in the meantime, my butt hurts after i run.

i'm just thankful that it doesn't hurt when i actually am running.  turns out... the butt thing has been around for more than a year.  i wrote briefly about it in my iceage DNF race report.

the doc thinks its a tear and the mri will tell us how much of a tear.  if it's under a certain percentage then the next step is a cortisone shot.  if its more than a certain percentage then it might be a surgical issue.  the doc doesn't think it will be a surgical issue.  fingers crossed that the shot stops the pain...  it's getting real tiresome.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Beartrax 10K

Beartrax 10K
time = 1:04:49
pace = 10:29
placed 4 in my age group (40-49) out of 20
placed 10 in women out of 53
placed 21 overall out of 78
link to strava data

as ll cool j would say... "don't call it a comeback"  of course that's not quite the context that (i assume) ll would have liked this reference to pertain to... but that's neither here nor there.

it's been a strange 7 months since i've last dropped some words here.  i've not had much to report so i guess i just haven't.  i am thinking this may be the jump off to my running consistently again.  time will tell... it's been a rough road getting to this mental space.  besides that my shorts are extra medium on my booty currently... it's gotten a bit bigger since i've been sitting on it instead of running. 

let's get on to the race report tho'... shall we?

freaking beartrax!  i love lapham.  i love lapham so much.  i don't think i could ever have a bad run there.  so my running has been sporadic at best with a total of 93 miles run in 2018 with a goal of 1400 miles of which i am SOOOO BEHIND to the tune of 370 miles.  ya take what ya can get i suppose.  i signed up for this race because well... why not?

i didn't run the entire month prior to racing... for various reasons but mostly because wisconsin has shitty weather and when running is hard (read: when i haven't been doing it and therefore am not conditioned) i hate running in cold weather so i just... don't.

i decided to go into the race knowing deep in the recesses of my over-competitive soul that i would not be doing well and therefore i should run when i can, walk when i must, and be 100% ok with however it turns out.  so that's just what i did.

it was beautiful.  this is the 2nd year that they've offered a 10k option and i'm so glad they do.  it's the perfect distance of a run to see everything, take in all the beauty of the park, and not get overwhelmed with difficulty.  that's not to say that this wasn't difficult... it was SO VERY DIFFICULT!  however, that's only because i am very very deconditioned. 

i ran when i could and walked when my lungs told me i had to and then i ran some more.  at the end i was going back and forth with a woman as i bomb the downhills and she ran the uphills.  in the end i gave up and let her get away at the finish because well... i wasn't actually racing.  i was just running and living my best life.

turns out... i did very very well for not racing and not having run in a month. lol!  guess i was competitive after all. 

the weather was beautiful!  so completely different than last year's race.  last year i ran the 20k as a training run for the iceage 50k. 

i really don't have much to say about this... i'm trying to get my running legs back.  the race was beautiful per usual.  lapham peak is amazing per usual. 

on a different note... thanks to scott walker defunding our state parks there is not enough money for maintenance anymore.  therefore several of the wooden towers were torn down from various parks over the past year or two because there were safety concerns and no money to make the repairs... so the easiest thing to do?  tear them down.

this is now a concern at the tower at lapham peak.  if you read this please write our esteemed governor and complain.  this is bullshit.  hopefully, the report comes back that our tower is not in disrepair and can continue to stand tall and proud.  so many people come out to the state parks to see these towers.  they certainly are majestic and the views are spectacular.  if it comes back that the tower needs to be repaired... there will likely be a go fund me with the lapham peak tower's name on it.  we cannot let our parks be torn apart because some assholes don't value nature. 

with that said... sunday was a good day.

me, nichole, and andrea post-race