the introduction

in 2005 i began playing roller derby.  i played on a league called the brewcity bruisers.  i played for 3.5 years before retiring in 2008 for a variety of reasons.  one of which was that the joints in my knees and elbows were getting wrecked.  after all, i was in my 30's and all that wear and tear was taking it's toll.  after derby i tried outside roller skating for awhile but that wasn't really filling the void that derby left.  I gave rock climbing a shot.  i loved that but the whole process of driving 20 minutes to the climbing gym, being there for 3-4 hours, and losing all that time several times a week losts it's luster after about a year.  then i decided to give running a shot.

i started running in march of 2012 at 39 years old (almost 40, september birthday).  however, i didn't consistently run until june of 2012... i consider this when i really began running because all the running i did before that was sporadic at best.  i originally began running to feel closer to my best friend who lives 3,000 miles away and is also a runner.  in time i began to really enjoy the time alone with myself.  i began to enjoy how my body and mind felt after a run.  i came to rely on my runs to create a certain peace that i was unable to replicate in any other way.

when i started running it was really really hard.  i could barely complete the .78 of a mile loop near my house without walking.  i'm competitive by nature so i had no choice but to press on.  i ran that loop nearly every day until i could do it AND breathe at the same time.  i will tell you that i HATED every moment of it.  even tho' i hated it i had to do it.  i had to do it to prove to myself that i could.  then one day it wasn't hard anymore.  i finished that loop and realized that i could keep going if i wanted to... so i did.  i ran 2 miles that day, and every run after that for a long time.  that's when i realized that i liked to run.  i liked how my legs felt and how my mind cleared.  i liked that i could do it and that it was easy.  i liked that my body felt better after i was done and i felt happier.  i liked that i felt stronger and more me.  i liked that there wasn't anything i could think of that was negative about my running experience after i got over the breathing hump.  once the cardio portion fell into place all was well in my running world.  after that i started working on setting goals.

running fulfills me in a way that is immeasurable, undeniable, and necessary for my mental and physical health.  i am passionate about it, and mostly i use this space to record my races, my thoughts on my races, keep track of injuries, as well as anything else that might pop into my head.

two months after i began running i had my first race.

2013 total miles = 1060.58
2014 total miles = 1229.12
2015 total miles = 1029.20
2016 total miles = 752.34 (injured for 8 months of the year)
2017 total miles = 603.3 (still injured)



Laura @ Backstage Balance said...

I'm so happy to 'meet' you! Great blog you've got here. It's awesome that you were on the Bruisers, which team did you play for?

.n. said...

hi laura! i was on the rushin' rollettes. smirk savage #4. lol!