Saturday, August 29, 2015

rain thwarted my race!

i race for fun and i was supposed to run the badgerland striders 1/2 marathon this morning.  supposed to is the key here.  i didn't run because it rained all last night and well past the start of the race.  

i was really torn between going and staying home and ultimately i opted to stay home because i knew i would not get anything close to enjoyment out of running a race in rain and cold.  i purposely end my race season in october because i hate racing in cold weather.  i hate it with a passion!  so i chose to stay home and not race today.

i would be more than half way done with the race right now but i would also be soaked to the bone and probably miserable.  i'm going to head out for a run shortly and hopefully i will be dry and warm enough where i will enjoy my run.  it seems to have stopped raining but it is still cold and very moist outside.

this weather is decidedly not my favorite.  in fact, i think it may still be raining.  *sigh*

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

long time no see

it feels like not much has happened since devil's lake but actually a lot has happened.  we moved to tosa from delafield so that's something pretty big.  i am continually surprised by how close everything is and how challenging it is to try and get a long run in the city.  i basically run from my house on the hank aaron as far east as possible (to the lake) and then have to run along the lake until i get the mileage i'm looking for.

 i've found a few trails and routes (all paved so far) and unfortunately the hank aaron heading west is closed in a section until 2018 for the freeway construction that goes over the trail.  i was really looking forward to running that way so i'm thinking i'm going to try it again and attempt the detour... see where it leads me.

i've also just learned today of a short gravel trail that is about 3-4 miles in on what has become my usual route.  i'm very excited to find this trail and check it out.  

i just signed up for the tosa fest 5K.  i haven't run a 5K since may and i guess it's about time.  i'm pretty excited because this race is just blocks from my house.  i don't like the 5:30pm start time, but whatever... could still be fun.  probably won't be my fastest 5K since i'm a faster (better?) runner in the morning.

next weekend i've got the strider 1/2.  mostly i've just been puttering along.  after ice age i feel like ever other race is just a professionally timed run.  i feel competitive about it but not like last year.  after i accomplished the 50K it doesn't seem like any of these other races are as important as they once were.  

i'm not sure what my 2016 goals will be.  i can't decide what my focus should be.  part of me wants to run long but part of me wants to focus on getting faster and to get faster i think i need to incorporate more 5K races into my race season.  if i do that then the longer races will fall to the wayside.  i'm really considering iceage again as my A race for 2016.  i'd like to shave some time off and with an injury free body i really believe i could have run that faster than i did.  

so that's what's been going on with me.  back in the city and couldn't be happier!