Thursday, November 21, 2013


i am so fortunate to have the opportunity to run, spend time with, and share the ups and downs of these ventures with the people i get to do this with.

tonight i ran in lapham with my friends megan and jeff.  it was SO.MUCH.FUN!  running in lapham is one of my favorite things of all time and running there in the dark with great company just makes it all the more so.  it was slow (11mi mile average pace) but considering we couldn't see much, it was muddy, and it would be dangerous to run faster in the pitch black… i'll take it!

jeff took a few pictures… i think this is the only one that turned out.  i really appreciate that someone takes pictures of this stuff so that i have the memories.  i've just become so apathetic about taking pictures myself so yay jeff!  thanks!

in other news i've joined a ragnar relay team (the puddler striders) for june 2014.  very excited about that.  we will be running from madison, wi to chicago, il.  2014 is shaping up nicely.  i'm pretty excited for my 2014 goals.  this will be my first relay and it seems like it will be a very good time.
in case you're new to this sort of thing… here's something interesting to give you a little idea of what it is.   sounds like a great deal of fun huh?  it does to me.  i'm really excited about sharing the experience with a group of people… all of which are strangers except for megan.  it will be an exceptional experience for sure!

my body seems to be 100% with the exception of my endurance… that sucks but it will come with time.

in yet still other news…
my friend kellie and i are running a 5K on thanksgiving day.  at first we were going to run it together but our paces are so different that i decided i'd like to run it separate.  it is hard to explain, but it is just as hard for a faster person to run slower as it is for the slower person to try and match the pace of the faster person.  it hurts my hips to run a lot slower because i think it throws my gait off and then puts strain on my hips.  looks like 2013 is going to go out with a bang!  i will get to run one last race and hopefully do well.  it is so needed after those 3 DNS races.  such a bummer…

life is good people!  count your blessings and run!


Laura @ Backstage Balance said...

Sounds like a fun run at Lapham! Running at night is great practice for Ragnar, you're going to love it! I am forming a team for the Madison to Chicago race as well... I need to get organized like your team :)

Sun said...

Good luck tomorrow, Nikki! I'm sure you will do great and will be extra motivated since it's your first race back :)

nikki said...

we are so not organized! we just have a name and some people... lol! i'm not sure anyone even knows how to assign the legs!

nikki said...

thanks sun! good luck to you too! i hope its not too windy and/or freezing!