Thursday, December 12, 2013

let's talk about the ice age 50K

is it naive, cocky, and/or overly confident to believe that i can complete a 50K trail race in under 5 hours? 

i mean... i can complete the black loop at lapham in (best time) 1:03 which is 6.5ish miles... with that said i think that finishing 31 trail miles in under 5 hours is doable.  i mean... the top 10 finisher (female) in 2013 finished between 4:04 and 5:29 so i think i should be able to do it.  this could just be my ignorance talking tho' but i don't see why it wouldn't work out like that?  i guess i don't really know how hilly the course is in comparison to lapham.  although, i have been reading that exists on this race and it seems like i shouldn't have any problems running it in that time.  maybe in spring i'll start running 2 loops in lapham for preparation.  i've never gone into a race with a goal time that i didn't manage to squeak out on par or really close.   

so my question for you, dear readers, is this:  has there ever been a time where you had a goal finish in mind and it turned out that you were really really off in the estimation?  if so, why didn't you make the goal?  injury? too cocky? or just gross miscalculation?

talk to me people!


nwgdc said...

Oh, the excitement! Just make sure you don't snooze on Sunday--it'll sell out quickly.
I don't think there is any problem with having a time goal...but the first goal should just be to FINISH because in accomplishing that, you'll learn so much about the entire process. When comparing Lapham to Ice Age, here are my thoughts.
Lapham is hillier.
The final 18 miles of Ice Age are on ski trail (two 9-mile loops), just like Lapham...but with more flats.
The footing of the first 13 miles, which is on the Ice Age Trail, is NOTHING like running on the Black Loop, so be sure to run on the IAT that runs through Lapham, as those first 13 miles of the 50k are pretty technical.
In my opinion, only two black loops isn't enough. For a long run in preparation for Ice Age 50k, I'd aim to be able to complete 3 loops. For a rock solid confidence boosting last long training run, I'd run the IAT up to the tower, then back down, THEN do the 3 loops of the Black Loop. If you can accomplish that, I'd say there's very little that could stop you from breaking 5 hours at Ice Age.
Just my 2 cents, having run Ice Age 50k twice, and Lapham Peak Marathon twice :)

nikki said...

oh I'm totally running IAT (generally on Wednesday nights with the LPTR group) especially now because of the grooming of the ski trails. I've run it during the summer too. my new goal will then to be to complete IAT out and back and 3 loops of the black route. lol! sounds like a plan! this weather has been so cold lately that it's hard to get motivated to run more than 20 miles a week... i'll be out tomorrow on the Glacial Drumlin for 9 miles and then sunday some speed work at the Petit.

Laura @ Backstage Balance said...

Hi Nikki! I'm also registered for the IAT 50k - really excited for it. I think that your goal for finishing under 5 hours is realistic, and certainly your training at Lapham will be great practice for the course. I do encourage you to check out sections of the IAT 50k course as part of your training.. there are usually two Saturday training runs a few weeks before the race day, and it sounds like you're already somewhat familiar with the Southern Kettle and various trailheads / etc.
The IAT50k course is SUPER DUPER hilly and to finish in under 5 hours, I'd make sure you get your legs good and used to being up and working for 4+ hours. The hills can be really steep, so maybe do some hill repeats at Lapham? How about hill repeats on the "Stairway to Heaven" or "The Wall," how sadistic would that be? LOL. Most people, even the race leaders will power walk up the hills vs. running, so that's something to consider as well.
You will want to You will want to have your nutrition/ hydration plan down pat, too - the weather can be iffy out there and who knows that Mother Nature will throw at us come race day. I've found that salt / electrolyte tabs have made a big difference with my nutrition plan.
This will be my 3rd 50k but the first one I am seriously training for. I'm working with a coach, and trust that he'll get me to where I want to be! I am also working on a time goal for finishing, but let's just say you should save me some beer at the finish area :)

nikki said...

you can have ALL THE BEERS Laura! hahah! I don't drink beer. I appreciate your thoughts and definitely plan to get out on the IAT (where the course is going to be) for my longer runs in the near future. thanks for the tips!