Monday, September 10, 2012

Tough Mudder 12 Mile Obstacle Course

Tough Mudder 12 Mile Obstacle Course - September 8, 2012
time = 3 hours and 5 minutes (not officially timed)

the obstacle course was crazy hard. it was also the most fun thing i've ever participated in so far in my whole life. today i am in pain all over. i did this run/obstacle course on a bum right ankle. i haven't gone to the doctor but after talking to my aunt who is a nurse we determined that i've likely got some serious tendonitis going on and will only truly recover with rest and no running until it's healed. the first 9 miles were good... i took 2 excedrin and 2 aleve before the event and then by the last few miles i was in complete agony. we finished tho' and it was amazing! it was so fun! i can't even put into words how great it was. there were over 30,000 people there and so much love everywhere! everyone was helping everyone else and encouragement abounded. it was truly a beautiful thing... we laughed so much! it wasn't even hard to run that much! i loved every minute of it. i will absolutely do it again next year! i'm so excited to do it again!


UPDATE:  yesterday i participated in the tough mudder in cascade, wi which is about an hour and a half from where i live in delafield. i've been waiting for this event for months and the anticipation has been building equally as long. i got up at 5:45am after only about 5-6 hours of sleep and we left at 6:45am. we arrived to a long line of cars at about 8am. the first wave took off at 8am while ours wasn't set to go until 10am. i was already feeling quite nervous. i was meeting my team there so trying to get that altogether was nerve-wracking.

parking was easy. checking in was a breeze... everything was totally smooth until we tried to find our people. the event is huge! there were supposed to be 30,000 people there for it so we wandered around for a good hour before we finally found anyone. angie was the first to find us and then after that everything fell into place. we found kelly and gert next and we were all set.

the running was a piece of cake. i thought that was going to be the hard part. i've got an ankle injury that i've been nursing for a few weeks now but i took 2 excedrin and 2 aleve before leaving the house in the morning so i was actually feeling pretty good upon the start. the first 9 miles were good but the last few were excruciating. the obstacles were great! some were easy but some were impossible without help from teammates and/or others. it truly is about teamwork and camaraderie as opposed to the fastest time. i absolutely love that! it was so much fun! i will be doing it again next year.

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