Saturday, May 4, 2013

let's talk about trail running

now... i'm no anton krupicka (that guy is a silly little mountain goat and quite possibly 1/3 machine) but today i successfully ran a black diamond rated trail called the moraine ridge trail.
watch this! to see what i mean about anton krupicka...

it's supposed to be 7m but i lost my little black signs a few times and had to double & triple back a few times so my run ended up being longer. the hills on this trail were killers. admittedly, i walked up the majority of the steeper hills... ok, maybe almost ALL of the steeper hills but hey, it was my first time running in lapham peak state park that wasn't a 5K.

it's been raining for the past several days so today there were tons of flooded areas in the meadows and many flat spots. lots of spots where i had to stop and try and walk through or around to try and avoid fully submerging my shoes. no luck there tho'... my shoes were submerged, water logged, and FULL of mud!


after my initial run i took a bathroom break and then took another loop around on the green loop (now with purple signage!) just for a cool down. i really enjoyed the run because it held my attention on the run. usually when i road run my mind wanders to all sorts of other things and the next thing i know i'm done running or i'm so focused on pushing my speed that i'm not paying attention to anything else. trail running forced me to slow down and truly be present in the moment. to pay attention to what was around me. the rocks, branches, and roots under foot. the water, the trees, and all the glorious nature that was surrounding me.

it truly made for one of the most amazing runs i've ever been on.

i have to do that more and more often for sure! perfect really.

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