Sunday, May 12, 2013

Run Like A Mother (5K)

Run Like A Mother (5K) - May 12, 2013
time = 23:34
pace = 7:35
3rd in my age group (40-44)
placed 19th over all (all women)

yesterday i ran 9.23 miles in lapham peak. i decided that training for the 1/2 coming up in a month is more important than winning the 5k i would be running the following day... so i got my mileage in even tho' i knew i was racing the next day. even so... i think i did quite well given the fact that my legs were totally fatigued throughout the entire run. it was cold (40 degrees) so i was layered up and subsequently over dressed for the race once it began. i think that accounted for my being a bit slower than i would have been if i had been dressed appropriately. i FELT a lot slower than i ACTUALLY was. i was really surprised by my pace when my app spoke to me after mile 1. by mile 2 people were passing me and i thought i was slowing down considerably but really it was just by seconds. still... in a race situation that makes all the difference.


as my splits show... i was slower and slower as the race went on. oh well... it was a fun race given the circumstances. wish i would have been faster but it felt good to get out there and run fatigued. i like to push my body and see what it can do in any given situation. i like to know that it can perform even under less than optimal circumstances. i've been feeling not so great this last week so it's good to know i can pull it out when i need to.

running is so fun! happy mother's day to everyone!

my son did the 1miler kid run and came in second! he was even running on an injury incurred yesterday during a lacrosse game! pulled quad muscle. such a trooper! second place! wow! ran a 7:12 min mile!


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