Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vince Lombardi Run/Walk for Cancer (5K)

Vince Lombardi Run/Walk for Cancer (5K) - June 8th, 2013
time = 22:50
pace = 7:21
2nd in my age group (40-49) out of 89
placed 16th in women out of 508
placed 74th overall out of 830

just finished a 5K at the zoo of all places! so fun! this was a fundraiser for the vince lombardi cancer foundation and such a good cause considering most people's lives have been touched by cancer in one way or another. besides... lombardi was quite an inspirational man. lots to learn from people like him that's for certain.

what i learned on this run was that i need to start at the beginning of my corral or in an earlier corral because i started at the back of the 8min mile one and obviously that was too slow. i underestimate myself all the time and i guess i should stop doing that. i started back there because i don't like people to be passing me because it forces me to run faster than i want to run to begin with. i prefer to start out comfortably and then pick up my pace as i go. if i start with people who are much faster than me then i tend to run way too fast out of the gate which causes me problems.

i guess my race pace is much faster than my normal running pace tho' because i managed to maintain the 7ish min mile for the duration.

what's weird is i didn't run hardly at all this week. i ran 16+ miles on sunday and then just over 3 on tuesday but other than that... nothin'. i was tired and busy all week and just not feelin' the running. so i just didn't run. i think that sometimes these breaks really help to repair the tissues and make me faster in the long run.

the cool thing about getting the awards was that an ex-green bay packer (santana dotson) was doling them out. so that was cool. he was tall and i am small so that looked interesting.


the medals look pretty cool too which is always a bonus!
tomorrow i've got the Muddy with Mommy/Dirty with Daddy 2mi mud run with Max. its non-competitive so we'll see how it goes... should be fun but it's also supposed to rain. i guess since its a mud run rain shouldn't really matter.

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