Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dirty with Daddy / Muddy with Mom 2mi Mud Run

Dirty with Daddy / Muddy with Mom (2mi) - June 9, 2013
time = 20:00 (approximately)
pace = 10:00
300 participants untimed

today max (my 11 year old son) and i did a 2 mile mud run to benefit juvenile diabetes. it was super fun for my boy which is the whole reason we did it in the first place. he had a great time. it was totally geared towards the kids and the obstacles were not very hard or very many but the smile on my son's face at the end was all that was needed to make it all worthwhile. i got a nice easy 2mile run out of it so that was awesome as well... we got to run uphill in the woods too which was my favorite part (with a water stop at the top... bonus!).
in the end... i'm just glad that my son is taking an interest in running. he's got the body for it and i think it will help with the rest of the sports he does.
next up = summerfest rock 'n sole 1/2 marathon!

be inspired!

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