Saturday, June 23, 2018

the pain in the ass - exposed!

PSA: just ignore my little butthole and look for the arrows. 

turns out that it’s MY BACK! causing the pain in my butt!  

i have swollen tissues squishing my nerves on the right side (see pic 1) in my lowest vertebrae (see pic 2). this back injury occurred on october 1st, 2016. 

at crossfit... 
swinging a kettlebell that was too heavy for the amount of time i was swinging it. 

i was fairly new to cf at the time and likely had poor, uncorrected form... so i got injured. 

the solution at this point is oral steroids and time. the doc also wants me to go to zero drop shoes so there’s that...

mystery solved i guess.  the good news is that i'm not hurting anything by running... my back is going to take time to heal and in the meantime the residual pain i'm experiencing in my butt on the right side is akin to sciatic pain... the doc thinks that it will go away as the swelling goes down and stops compressing the nerves.  so i'm running and it's awesome!

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