Tuesday, January 15, 2013

winter running

there was a time that if you had told me i'd go running in 7 degree weather i'd have told you that you were insane.

this morning i was standing in the bathroom after having emerged from my shower (after a 7.24 mile run in 7 degree weather) and i was trying to think of all the things that suck about winter running. i couldn't come up with a single thing. i mean... there are things that aren't exactly great about it but there wasn't one thing that i hate about it.

i don't mind the cold because i have the proper gear to keep me warm. i don't mind the snow and ice as long as the roads are mostly clear. i don't mind the wind because (again) i have a phenomenal north face hoodie that blocks wind 100% of the time. it is amazing!

i don't exactly enjoy my nose running but since i breath in through my nose and out through my mouth 90% of my run that's not really a problem either.

i am so fortunate to be able to run. i am so thankful that my body does what it does and is capable of all that it has been able to do each and every day. i love that i can step out my door and run for 7-8 miles straight without skipping a beat.
i am training for my first 1/2 marathon which will take place in june 2013. when i signed up for it i initially had buyer's remorse. i had doubts about whether or not i would be capable of completing it.
not anymore.

i am a fighter. i am an athlete. i am a runner.

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