Wednesday, February 12, 2014

roads, recovery, and the road to recovery?

i went to a new chiropractor yesterday.  he seems to know what he's talking about so that's nice.  he did some pressure work on my neck and released some junk in there (totally technical terminology right there... take heed) and it felt better than it's felt since i first injured it 2 years ago.  my calf still hurts like the dickens but he seems to think my problems are fixable.  he mentioned that my ankles are a mess which i found laughable since they currently feel fine and i was impressed that he could tell i've had so many problems with them since i began running.  he mentioned inserts for my shoes to correct my over pronation also something i was aware of but ignore on the regular...  i found it impressive and interesting that he could know that i over pronate something fierce just by looking at me without shoes on. 

i feel very optimistic about our working together and my hope is that i can be pain free soonish. 

lapham tonight with the LPTR group.  my friend Jason is coming out for the first time so that is quite exciting.

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Sun said...

Sounds like you are taking all the right steps to run pain free again soon! Hope to see you at the Pettit one of these days :)