Thursday, September 12, 2013

injuries and whatnot

monday, tuesday, and wednesday of this and last week i ran trails instead of road.  i did this because by the time i get off work i only have so much daylight left and i really just didn't want to have to plan out a route to get my mileage in.  when i do trail runs there are only so many routes to take and my mileage is figured for me so i don't have any planning to do.  besides all that i have learned to LOVE trail running!  i can't believe that i ever hated it.  i think i hated it because it was so challenging... but if you know me you know that i LOVE a good physical challenge.

so trails it is!  on tuesday i was running a route i really enjoy... trees swaying, birds chirping, mosquitoes buzzing, and 70% humidity so sweat POURING!  i was probably 4 or 5 miles into the 6.5mi route and i stumbled.  i say "stumbled" instead of "tripped" because i didn't actually fall down.  i STUMBLED over a pretty large boulder (read 1/2 buried rock) with my left toes and caught myself with my right foot  ALL WHILE RUNNING DOWNHILL VERY FAST!  as soon as it happened there was a searing and shooting pain running through my right butt cheek (otherwise known as a gluteus maximus) and part of my hip.  what the hell?!? 

so i stopped and yelled "OUCH!" really loudly into the woods so everything would know i was injured.  then i kept running.  my butt hurt pretty badly for the last few miles and i was really glad that i was done.

yesterday i ran that same route again with my friend megan.  she runs trails slower than i do so it was really good for my body to do that route slower.  i was still in pain and i'm thinking i pulled a muscle when my body heroically burst into action to save me from the imminent threat of falling flat on my face on a downhill... yay body!

today i'm still sore.  thank goodness it's my rest day! friday & saturday i'm running on the road for sure.

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