Thursday, September 26, 2013

just go ahead and linger why don'tcha!

i ran yesterday on the trails and (OF COURSE!) my foot was hurting from the get go... i ignored it and ran on.  eventually the soreness subsided a bit and i could focus on the run instead of my foot.

later last night i talked to a friend of mine and fellow runner who recommended i do an ice bath on the offending extremity.  we talked about it and he shared with me that a distance runner friend of his does ice baths often and has had much success with them.

so today i've been perusing the internets looking for proof of that before i go submerging my parts in frigid ice water.  if you recall i did not particularly enjoy my "ice bath" during the tough mudder earlier this month so (as can be expected) i'm a bit reluctant to try this method of healing.

i found this article which basically says that being in an ice bath has no significant healing properties.  then there was this article which says the exact opposite!  what's a runner girl to do?!?

i guess i'm going to test it out for myself and see what happens.  anyone have any thoughts on that?  if so... please comment.

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