Monday, September 30, 2013

tendons & ankles & running... oh my!

thankfully yesterday was a "rest day" because man... my left ankle is KILLING me

after hobbling around after the run on saturday as well as most of yesterday it occured to me (yes i'm a bit dense sometimes) that i probably am just experiencing tendinitis.  DUH!  it makes perfect sense since in the month of september i bumped up my weekly mileage by almost double in order to better train for saturday's half because i was disappointed in my time from the striders half.  too much too soon it seems.

now i'm probably going to not be running all week in preparation for this coming saturday's 5K... not expecting a very fast time considering i won't be running all week.  bummer.  over use is over use tho' so it is best for me to rest my ankles instead of working them again and becoming more seriously injured.  i am alternately incredibly annoyed and relieved by this.  annoyed because i'm starting october off with low/no mileage this week and relieved because for once i can come home from work and just BE.

 i'll be the first to tell you that i'm AWFUL at taking time off.  i get antsy, and quite frankly, my brain needs the calming outlet.  i mentally need the physical exertion... if that makes sense.  i find it calming to push my body to extremes.  i mean... i don't really consider the running i do to be extreme but i guess it might be considered that by some people. 

pain is a bummer... it's always a bummer.  hopefully the time off will allow my tendons to heal and i'll still be good to go on saturday for the lapham peak colorama run i'm doing. 

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