Thursday, September 5, 2013

oh, gluten

for months i've been having GI issues and by issues i mean consistent diarrhea, gas, cramping, and at the worst... accidents when running long distances.  i finally decided enough was enough and i went to the doctor.  he did 8 vials of blood and 4 vials of fecal matter tests and the conclusion is that i have a gluten sensitivity.

do you have any idea how many foods have gluten in them?!?

mostly... ALL OF THEM!  wah!!!!!!

ok... that's an exageration.  not ALL of them but SO.MANY.THINGS!!!

about a week ago i drastically altered my diet to exclude gluten.  after about a week i'm already noticing some things are different.  i have more energy and i feel stronger.  the best part is that i ran an almost 7 mile trail run without needing a bathroom break!  IT.WAS.GLORIOUS!

i suppose you're wondering what i'm eating now... if at all.  hahah!

well... lots of fruits and veggies.  gluten free bread (which is pretty awful actually).  potatoes, rice (lots of rice), meats, chex, gluten free crackers, gluten free pasta, and stuff on corn tortillas.  oh, and beans.

so far so good... i'll venture into more gluten free alternatives as i have the gumption to do so.  right now tho'... i'm still mad that i've got the sensitivity so i'm just eating what i know.

so bringing it back to running.  yesterday i ran in lapham peak for the third day in a row and it felt great!  the food changes have made me better so far...   on saturday i'm doing the tough mudder for the 2nd year in a row.  i'm pretty stoked.  it should be fun.  there will be a race report when i'm done.

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